Benefits of a Structured Wiring System


*      Safety and Security

*      Home Office Capabilities

*      Audio/Video Distribution

*      Lighting Control

*      Energy Management

*      High Speed Internet

*      Anti-Obsolescence

*      Future Value






Safety and Security

Aurora Technology uses the OnQ Home System to support your security needs, from fire and intruder detection to access to remote security-monitoring services. Your OnQ Home System provides the framework for whatever level of security you desire.

With Aurora Technology and an OnQ Home System, you have the peace of mind that you and your family are safe and secure.


Home Office Capabilities

With the OnQ Home System, you're wired for work, too. Plug in your computer, fax machine, modem, and telephone, and you're connected to the world. Need video conferencing? Aurora Technology and your OnQ Home System can handle it. Multiple phone lines? Simple with Aurora Technology and OnQ Home.

The OnQ Home System even makes it simple to create an in-home local area network, linking computers and their peripherals together so their capabilities can be shared.


Audio/Video Distribution

Enjoy television and music your way, anywhere in your home. Whether you have cable or direct broadcast satellite, your OnQ Home system allows a video outlet in every room you want. From the home theater in your family room to a TV in the bedroom, Aurora Technology and the OnQ Home System make it easy to distribute video throughout the house.

Want to use a video camera to monitor the baby's room? You can tune into the camera from any TV in the house. You can add a camera to the front door and see who's there.


Lighting Control

With Aurora Technology and the OnQ Home System, you can control lighting throughout your home. When you're not home, you can set the lights to turn on and off in random patterns to give the house a lived-in look.

When you are home, you can control your lights for different times of day. Turn on lights before you get up on a cold, dark morning or turn off lights after you've gone to bed.

Or you can set your lighting patterns for different needs, from minimal for watching TV to maximum lighting for games and hobbies.


Energy Management

Through Aurora Technology, the OnQ Home System allows you to gain sophisticated control of your heating and cooling for maximum efficiency and lowest costs. You can automatically have the system cut back during the night while you're asleep or during the day while you're at work. Then have it come back up just before you wakeup or arrive home so that you get just the right temperatures. With zoned systems, you can achieve even greater efficiencies by controlling different areas of the house to match your lifestyle.


High Speed Internet

Aurora Technology has the power to supercharge your access to the information superhighway. From a regular modem to high-speed technologies like ISDN or ADSL, the OnQ Home home wiring system is designed to handle them with ease. Get all the benefits of the Internet with fewer hassles. So your kids can do their homework better. You can shop more efficiently. Make travel arrangements online. Follow up on personal interests and hobbies.



Because technology changes rapidly, you need a wiring system designed to handle whatever you throw at it, a system that won't become obsolete because it can't handle the new technologies like digital television, high-speed internet access, or video-on-demand.

Aurora Technology uses wiring that surpasses the needs of today so you're ready for the technology of tomorrow.


Future Value

Imagine buying a home without cable, without a dishwasher, or without central air. Someday it will be as unimaginable to buy a home without a home wiring system like OnQ Home. To make full use of the electronic capabilities that are increasingly part of our lives, you need a wiring system that can handle it with ease.

Installing OnQ Home today means your house is more saleable in the future.


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